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WHY BE PREGNANT ALONE B.A.B.I.E.S(Beauty and Blessings Inside Every Sister)

Babies Is a new program that is sponsored through First 5 but funded through Birthing project by there sponsor for African American pregnant women who are currently pregnant up to 3 months after birth. Babies is also associated with birthing project which is a program for mothers who have children and need help with resources for low income mothers.
Babies provides advocates/mentors who are caring sisters & friends who can help and be there
for you when no one else is sometimes having children alone is not so easy but now you have that opportunity to get help resources that are available you never know what babies can bring to your table.
BABIES first program is here to help you by

Providing a sister friend all in one
Going to any appointments you need to attend while pregnant
Find helpful information and resources you need for yourself and child and referrals
They can attend and witness the birth, they are able to cut the cord, present baby to mother
Keep records of the birth

A sister friend is a advocate that help support our African American women who are pregnant and seeking help.
Sister friend is supposed to support you and recommend at the best of their ability.

This is a free of charge program you can request a sister friend today can contact Samantha Tillman at (916)441-3305 at ext. 108. If you
Had your baby already you can still call this number and obtain information about other groups that are very similar.

If you are reading this and wondering how to become a volunteer sister friend you have to be 18 years and older.
The commitment of being a sister friend requires 8hours a month at least if you have less than 8hous available there is volunteering available
“We certainly can use help in other areas within our program”
Tomorrow June 20th, 2014 they are holding an event at their center to gain clients they will be having lunches for the women who come from 11:30am to 1:00 pm
The difference between sisters and friend is they are not mandated reporters or anyone to give you assessments and they don’t give you an agenda every week they are only here to support you and that’s all we ask of In a personal sister or friend. No one there to judge

To Qualify
You have to consider yourself as African American pregnant woman preferably the first trimester because the earlier you can
bond with your sister the easier it can be to have the bond between your sister and yourself but
the reason this is for African American women only, statistically Sacramento has the highest
infant mortality which mean the highest death of children under 1 year of age.

Transportation Convenient
Not having transportation can be a barrier on certain events you want to be a part of so your sister can work with you
she’s able to come meet with you in your home, at any safe settings, or they have a station you can go 2150 Capital Avenue corner of 22nd & L St it’s called Center of Praise Ministry Big blue building but your sister can not provide rides to any events such as OBGYN appointments or any side errands what they are allowed to do is meet you at the destination and be as supportive as possible.
For Fathers
If your unborn child father is in the picture he is able to attend a group that is called Barber Shop he will be able to get the same resources as you but in a man perspective. This is for dads to learn how to care for mom and baby and how to be supportive.
Besides all the resources and support that they give to you there is a baby shower that B.A.B.I.E.S holds as a family for the little sisters that could be very helpful to a lot of mommies that are financially struggling.
For any A.A. expecting mother Please Call (916) 441-2223 ext.108 B.A.B.I.E.S

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