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Parenting child/children is not an easy job weather you have family, partner, or single. Making this job easier is reaching out to people getting to know who your support group is friend’s family, husband, wife, church family or god parents. You can use your support system to vent, help with kids, and also how to stay positive.
One thing that every parent want is to know how to be the perfect parent and there is no way to be a perfect parent every child is different but there is a way to be a good parent by making your child or children feel loved and valued at the same time make them know the difference between right and wrong. The goal is to give them a environment that they can grow to be successful thrive and develop into confident, independent, and caring adults. Parents are the heroes and remodels to their children they look at us to be there example like how we treat people, our temper, and how we treat our spouse. showing love and affection to your child is excellent being able to have a warm touch or a hug is so much more than words to a child to say I love you.
Praising your child is very important acknowledging your kids accomplishments makes them proud of themselves which leads to confidence.
Avoid comparisons with siblings this could cause your children to have conflict. Talk to them alone about what their own dreams are.
Making time for your children is important you want your children to feel they are a priority in your life and nothing comes before them. Share equal amount of time between kids. Being consistent with your child is teaching them stability.
Disciplining your child is giving them structure giving them rules to follow will let them know everything wrongly done has a consequence.
Teach your child independence the more they see themselves the better they’ll become a leader and know themselves their character.
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