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W.E.A.V.E (Women Escaping a Violent Environment)

W.E.A.V.E is a program that helps men, women, and children who were the victims of being raped or sexually assaulted in Sacramento CA, and also help with human trafficking victims and they do not tolerate abuse of any type within their facilities.
Studies has shown that “26% of youth in romantic relationships state that their partner has digitally abuse them.” This means that the partner has stalked them, physically abuse, try to make them feel less of themselves, verbally abuse, or emotional abuse that is done online. W.E.A.V.E has a 24 hour help line for anyone who is being abuse has been abused or a victim of sex trafficking which is (916) 448-2321.
Worried about confidentiality or wanting to write anonymous questions or statement they make it possible until you are ready to talk with someone and also everything stay confidential.
signs of abuse is emotional abuse is verbal put down, constant criticism talking in a bad way about your features, or even sexual abuse ex. your partner making you dress up in clothes or using items on your body that you don’t approve of to satisfy his self , and the last is physical abuse which is unwanted contact with you or something close to your body.
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24-Hour Support & Information Line – WEAVE, inc.

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